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Why Trump Won

It's the day after the night before in England and many woke to see Trump as the 45th President of the US.

For many 2016 is the year that just won't end. It's the year the political pendulum took the penultimate swing to the right.

Many in America and across the world wonder how the entrenched establishment career politician, Hilary Clinton lost to a crass, self-funded, real estate tycoon.

The Brexit effect

The success of Brexit emboldened Trump and his voters. The Brexit effect energised apathetic voters across the western world that change can happen through the ballot and a clear message can be sent to established power.

Brexit voters and Trump voters are a similar demographic: the disenfranchised, that would rather twist the knife in a global system they see as not having served their interests or protected them.

Nigel Farage, dubbed “Mr Brexit” by Trump said before the result came in: “I think his direction of travel is right... He believes in nation state democracy, sensible boarder controls and he believes we should stop getting involved in a series of conflicts in the middle east that make life worse not better”.

The current political zeitgeist is one of scepticism of established powers and a rejection of globalism. Outsiders like Trump flourish in such eras. As nationalist chief strategist for Marine Le Penn's front natioanle Florian Philippot, had tweeted: “Their world is collapsing, ours in being built”.

Art of the deal

Scott Adams, creator of the popular cartoon “Dilbert” is also a trained and certified hypnotist. He predicted the Trump landslide victory and stated in a recent interview that his prediction was based on: “the highest level of persuasive talent Ive ever seen...

“What people thought was random behaviour and childish talking I recognised as technique, he keeps it simple because thats who he is talking to and repeats things because repeating makes a difference...e.g Crooked Hilary, Make America Great Again”.

Trump manipulated attention to keep himself the priority in American psyche. He achieved more media coverage than any other candidate and used it to his advantage.

The right opponent

Bernie Sanders was, like Trump an outsider candidate. He represented change. Sanders would have energised left of American politics. Sanders could not however fall back on his policies which were for the most part were radically un-American. Although Sanders was the right cultural icon to play Trump at his own game, his quasi-socialist agenda was risky and the Democratic majority went with the seasoned insider, oligarch of Clinton Inc. A poor decision with hindsight.

Understanding the plight of the minority vote

Most ethnic minority voters want what every other American wants. To not have to live on welfare, have a stable job etc.

Minority Americans are as aspirational if not more than their fellow white citizens. Culturally, Trump's success is something that resonates with the entrepreneurial vigour that defines many forms of artistic expression from these communities, music, clothing, art.

To quote Sonnie Johnson, black writer/journalist “Blacks seem to identify with Trump’s swagger: He’s got hip-hop cred and defiant charisma the dreary Obama could never hope to match”.

According to a New York Times poll there was only a 1% increase in the white republican vote compared with the last election.

Trump also faces head on the issues which effect the most vulnerable in American society. Illegal immigration which deprecates wages in low-income inner city areas, the crime and tensions that follows due to that influx. Trump understands these concerns and encapsulates Black-Americans as Americans that should be put first.

Without the ethnic-minority Trump turnout we could have expected a much tighter race for the White House on election night.

Wikileaks and the alternative press

According to a recent Gallup Poll trust in the mainstream media is at an all time low, especially amongst Republicans.

Wikileaks also provided the public with an insight into the uncomfortable relationship politics and the mainstream media have with each other. Lets also not forget they disinfected the campaign by shining light on the corruption that follows Clinton cash.

Infowars is an example of a popular, media outlet that sifted through thousands of emails to bring to the forefront the legitimate concerns the general public had about Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the Democratic Party in general.

The publisher/Director of Infowars Alex Jones recently coming out saying that Trump had personally called to thank him and his viewers for helping him win the election.

News outlets such as Brietbart, the executive Steve Bannon now being the chief executive officer for the trump campaign utilised knowledge of new media such as Twitter and Facebook embracing openly “Alt-Right” meme culture online to eviscerate opponents with satire. It was modern and in touch with young people explaining the rise in 18-25 year olds voting republican compared to the previous year.


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