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Hey! Would you please stop supporting us?!

A message from the Syrian people to the U.S., EU and the UK:

Hey! Would you please stop supporting us?!

We, Syrians have always been listening to American, European and British politicians talk about us, how much they care about us, worried about the "brutal regime.”!

Well, here's just one aspect of their care about us, in terms of economy, let alone the fact that they are tolerating the trade of weapons to the cute "moderate rebels"!

Those moderate rebels are so cute, aren't they?

-Syrian government's money are frozen in European banks, which directly impacts the Syrian currency which has broken down to less than 10% of its original value before the war! Thus, prices have been multiplied by 10, with the same salaries and wages, as there is no capacity to increase them. The mere fact that the government is still paying salaries is an achievement, as the GDP has also deteriorated as most of the national and private capitals have fled the country, and most industries have broken down.

For instance, the oil industry has stopped functioning because of the sanctions; thousands of factories in Aleppo were looted and destroyed by the rebels and their machines were stolen and taken into Turkey.

Syria is not allowed neither to sell, nor to buy oil, gas and their derivatives! Syrians wonder if heating their homes in cold winter to protect their children is an act of "supporting terrorism"! Furthermore, most industries have stopped working or are bankrupt due to the power blackout, as the power stations need fuel to operate.

The Syrian government is struggling to find alternative sources to get oil derivatives, through some middlemen. The irony is that those middlemen have been put in the USA, UK and EU's blacklist and have been banned from getting a visa to western countries for "dealing with Assad regime"

Some raw materials for pharmaceutical industries have been banned from Syria! Even those used for Children milk!

However, Syrian pharmaceutical have had to get these materials through "middlemen" or intermediaries, which doubled their prices and limited their quantities. So, in sum, these sanctions are just making civilians' lives harder and providing job opportunities for smugglers!

Syrian banks are not recognized in Europe and the West; so for example, a student who applies for a studying visa in Europe faces an obstacle because he's asked by the embassy to show that he has an account in a bank that can be accessed in Europe where he wants to study, which is now impossible.

Syrian students used to do this alternative solution: They used to go to Lebanon and open a bank account in an international bank in Lebanon. But this year, even those banks in Lebanon excused from Syrian students saying they cannot let them open accounts at their banks! When asked about the reason, the banks answered: "We're sorry, but these are new security measures issued by the U.S.!"

- It's become usual for people in Syria to be faced with "sorry" messages such as this one (telling us that their services are not available in our country!), and you may wonder what kind of services are those banned from the Syrian people? Are they services related to the fabrication of chemical weapons? Nuclear technology? No, no! The world leaders in the West are too caring about us, that they are banning us from buying a book on Amazon website!

I'm even not allowed to use this website that guides me to find a hotel in Lebanon!

Thus, as I've got fed up with western politicians doing "everything possible" for us, for civilians in Syria, I'd like to ask them:

Hey! Would you please stop supporting us?!

The views of the author do not reflect the views of Newshound Media

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