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The Danger of Donald Trump

Dumb. Fat. Ugly. Pig.

These are a few of President Donald Trump’s demeaning comments which targeted women throughout his discriminatory campaign. His shocking victory destabilises the idea of a free world. Not only does his sexist ideologies set a faulty example for young men today, but his policy proposals have potentially adverse effects on women.

With his series of trophy wives, it’s least surprising how Trump relegates women’s role in society to one superficial category: supermodel. From the time he publicly humiliated Miss Universe for her weight gain, to the time he stated about women, "You know, it doesn't really matter what [they] write as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of ass", Trump proves that he values women’s appearance above their intelligence, achievements and professional experience.

Such provocative statements show how Donald Trump imposes his personal fantasies about how women should look, and abuses his power to belittle those who oppose his superficial vision. The message sent for the future generation: women only exist to satisfy men.

Trump’s true predatory behaviour towards women was also recently exposed in an NBC leaked tape. Here, he appears to be boasting about how he gropes women, stating ‘I don’t even wait’ and ‘you can do anything’. Although, he apologised for those comments, and simply classified it as ‘locker-room talk’, it is fair to say he is not sensitive, concerning issues of sexual harassment against women.

In a 20016 interview with US Today, Mr. Trump proposed women should find a new job if they are sexually harassed, also saying he wished his daughter would do the same if she had experienced it.

He didn’t focus on reprimanding the horrific actions of the male perpetrator. He didn’t focus on finding ways to support the female victim. Instead, sexual harassment is excused. His words, if translated into action will create a frightening world, where these crimes will continue, and the voices of American women will be left unheard. We must question: Why should a woman who has been harassed be expected to end her career? Why can’t the danger be eliminated?

Let’s observe the President’s policy proposal on introducing punishment to those women seeking abortion. It is apparent that Mr Trump is heavily imposing his personal beliefs regarding women’s choices, eliminating their right to independently decide for themselves.

An important point for consideration is that for women the deciding to have an abortion for whatever reason, is a personal, and difficult decision, deserving of a healing process, which Mr. Trump denies. Taking away this freedom to choose can have damaging ramifications, whereby women seek alternative, more harmful measures of abortion, posing a risk to their own physical health.

Nevertheless, Trump was elected, despite the female population favouring the democratic front-runner Hilary Clinton, 55% to 35% according to a CBS News Poll.

It comes to no surprise that the turnout for the women’s anti-Trump march, was remarkably higher than the audience gathered for the president-elect’s inauguration. Across the US alone, from the streets of New York to the boulevards of Los Angeles, an estimated 2.9 million people participated in this demonstration.

What was supposed to start off as a women's march in Washington DC, has gained momentum, and inspired hundreds of thousands of people nationwide, reaching regions such as Spain, Israel and the UK. These people are all united across the globe, in their fear and struggle against his rhetoric policies,marking this the greatest one-day protest in US history.

All of Donald Trump’s lewd comments and actions can portray how he is trying to exercise control over women, turning them into submissive subjects of his leadership. Indeed, he has appointed four women significant positions within his administration, but his vulgar words and actions within the previous month's cannot be overlooked. The fact that he verbally and publicly attacked his rival Republican presidential nominee on her appearance, stating "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?’ cannot be ignored. The fact that the ex-miss universe suffered from a brutal eating disorder after being called ‘Miss Piggy’ by Trump similarly cannot be reversed.

Trump’s condescending attitude towards women extend beyond ‘locker-room banter’, with underlying unpleasant meanings for women. This is an opportunity to observe the recurring attacks against women and open a platform to speak against it. Can we still live in a free-world under Trump’s rule?

The views of the author do not reflect the views of Newshound Media

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