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About Us

Newshound Media is a one-stop International media production company that prides itself in delivering cutting edge documentaries as well as quality and thought provoking news.


We combine years of journalism experience, both on the frontlines and behind the scenes, with an unbeatable personal touch and an aim to fulfill our clients needs. 

From organizing guests, to running a channel, to producing news, features and documentaries - we do it all!

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Newshound’s dedicated team of producers is available 24/7 for any media assignment, from producing a complete news package and identifying the right interviewees for a story, to finding the perfect guest for a live broadcast.


The Middle East And Africa are among the most dynamic regions in the world where news is constantly changing – every day a new story makes the headlines. As true news hounds, we stay on top of these stories, prioritizing delivery time, quality and our clients guidelines.


We are a dynamic multilingual team that works in English, Arabic, Russian, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Our news packages come complete with scripts, interview transcriptions, shot lists and translations.


No project is too big for us. We organize productions in multiple locations with full logistical coordination, support and work to our clients specifications while also offering our own suggestions for content if requested.

live streaming

Filming and Post Production


Newshound offers full filming crews with cameramen, soundmen, TV and sound equipment, and transport, in all our locations worldwide – in the big cities, as well as off the beaten track.


We offer raw, logo-free footage as well as works edited to clients’ needs. Our fully-equipped 24/7 editing suites come complete with skilled video editors who work on any format and meet every deadline.


All materials can be provided by Satellite Uplink or FTP transmission to any destination.


Find A Guest


We’ve been in the business for years and we know how tough it can be to find the right guest for your production.


Our years of experience in different continents ensure you will no longer struggle to find guests, especially at the last minute.


We work with experienced experts and analysts in many fields who can comment in several languages from our studios across the Middle East and Africa.


Newshound offers live positions with beautiful backdrops of the cities we work in. Our studios operate in HD\SD and are linked via fibre optic to international satellites.


Our studios are outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment, including:

  • Professional cameras

  • Plasma screens

  • Play-out machines

  • Daylight lighting systems

  • IFB system with hybrid

  • Recording machines


Our technical staff is experienced and remains cool under pressure, ready to respond to clients’ needs.


Newshound Media International Studios




South America

  • Riyadh

  • Jeddah

  • Tehran

  • Alexandria

  • Tunis

  • Istanbul

  • Ankara

  • Dubai

  • Gaza City

  • Ramallah

  • Nablus

  • Beirut

  • Amman

  • New Delhi

  • Islamabad

  • Kabul

  • Moscow

  • Addis Ababa

  • Cairo

  • Cape Town

  • Johannesburg

  • Nairobi

  • Lagos

  • Casablanca

  • Abuja 

  • Kigali

  • Kampala

  • Accra

  • Abidjan

  • Kinshasa

  • Monrovia

  • Mogadishu

  • Bazzaville

  • Maputo

  • Dar Es Salaam

  • São Paulo

Join Us

Journalism Academy


Ever wanted to be part of a journalism academy where you can learn first-hand from the people making the news, while they're making it?

 Our seasoned journalists, producers, cameramen and editors will share with you more than you could ever learn in a textbook or school classroom.

 Join us in the field and on production as we show you the ropes across the multifaceted kaleidoscope that is journalism. 


Work With Us


We’re always chasing the best stories and the most interesting guests. We live on a diet of news for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is this you? We’re always on the lookout for talented journalists, reporters, video editors and cameramen and women.


Are you:

  • Freelance journalist or aspiring to be one?

  • Bursting with ideas for stories

  • A good interviewer who can source interviews with the right people to produce a great story

  • Adept at writing fast-paced, punchy news scripts for TV

  • A reporter with an excellent command of English





We also have an internship programme (for a minimum of two months) where interns can get the experience of working in a busy newsroom, going out on stories and learning all the tricks of the trade. Please send us your resume and tell us why you want to work for Newshound.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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Submit Your Story Idea


Do you have a tip on breaking news in your area?

Do you have the lead on a story you would love to see covered?

Are you a Newshounder at heart, always sniffing out the next big event?


We want to hear from you!


Send it to with the subject line

"Submit your story"

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